Sunday, June 8, 2008

An Unexpected Weekend

This weekend went nothing like planned. I was planning on getting a lot of homework done...temporarily dyeing my hair with purple streaks (just for fun) on my projects, move my stuff from down downstairs to upstairs...and clean my Papas house...but unfortunately, my brother and law got in a very bad dirt bike accident, so him and my sister went up to a hospital in Seattle, leaving their four amazing kids with us. I spent almost all day with them yesterday, and I had a blast! We colored for a very long time, did a craft, played dress up, and took pictures. I even got to have a little sleep over with them! =] And this morning we all went to church together. I now have a little preview of what Kareen went through when she was the oldest and had lots of little siblings at church(even though I know her kids are way easier to take care of than any of us)..I've never really experienced having lots of little siblings, so it was really fun! Goodness, they are so cute!! Nate all dressed up and "reverent", Abby in her beautiful braid grandma did, and Claire all snuggled up sleeping on my lap during Young Womens. I even got to take Claire to nursery..and when Papa tried to take her away from me, she started crying!! =] And now I think I might paint their toenails or something while the boys are playing downstairs. However, even though this weekend has been great for me, I'm really sad that it came about how it did, with Jeff getting hurt and all. I really can't believe it happened, and I really hope he gets better quickly because these kids need their mommy and daddy safe.

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