Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yesterday Rachel and Jeanie came over to hang out...and we ended up reading my old journals from middle school. Goodness those are good for some laughs. I cant believe how much has changed!! "ooo..today was the best day ever! Micah said hi to me!!" That and all the "I heart S.O.S." Why does middle school have to be such an awkward stage?? I looked back at my yearbook too...since when is "someday you will be a lesbian model" an actual funny thing to write on a yearbook?! But I thought I was pretty cool..so thats all that matters I guess...I mean, I did have relationships that lasted for what?? One day...maybe a whole week!!?? Only heaven knows how I had friends back then! =] But I am sure I will be able to look back at things I have done in High School too...heck...I already do. I just thought I would write that though...just so you could know that I am slowly growing up....I cant wait till my clothes are used for future dress ups!!

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Jill said...

remember when we sat in the attic reading my journals? it would be hilarious to compare them someday.