Saturday, August 8, 2009

Smelling Like Campfire

So I went to the ocean for the Laurel High Adventure and it was awesome!! The drive to our campsite in Newport took FOREVER, but we tried to have fun by singing to High School Musical 3 over and over. Once we got there we ran down to the beach and splashed around. The ocean never gets boring and is amazing every single time I see it. Wed morning I went with some friends and went running down on the beach. It is great, I just ran and wished that I didn't have to get back to camp so soon because it is so pretty. Anyways, Wednesday's weather was perfect, and we spent a lot of time down at the beach. (after going into town and finding some sweet bracelets) I went boogie boarding and that was awesome!!! SO FUN!! I had never gone swimming in the ocean before and was not quite ready for the saltiness of it getting in my mouth and nose, but it was fun..even when I ate it. I loved it. We also went to the tide pools and played with the sea anemones and star fish, built an amazing sand town, went to an aquarium, saw sea lions laying around (one even pooped, peed, and barfed), went into a legit hippie shop and bought a unicorn bumper sticker, had a camp fire down at the beach, and went kayaking on Beaver Creak.

On the car ride home we watched Step Up, and Step Up 2. I stiking love those movies. I also watched the So you think you can Dance finale with Kareen late that night..Im just in the mood for dancing shows. By the way...JEANINE WON!! wooo!! My favorite from the beginging..and also....she is with Jason, and I really like that. Well, Im gonna up load some pictures now, clean the bathroom, then find something fun to do. =]