Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wanting to go home

Can I please just go home? I just want to be home with my family and hanging out with my nieces and nephews. I want to be tanning and working on the yard. I want to work on my tan, drink lemonade and be done with school. Blah rich white girl problems I know, but I just want to be home with my fammmmmmily!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Skinny Love

One of the best decisions I have made in the past few months was to take beginning jazz this past winter. I have always loved dancing, but I was always way too afraid that I would not be good enough to even try out a class. The class was so fun though and made me realize that it doesn't even really matter if I'm any good-I found out that dancing helps me sort through things better than anything else I have tried before. The past few days have sucked- all except for the hours that I have gotten the chance to go to my dance classes. I was bored the past two nights and could tell that I was getting down so I went to the RB, found an empty dance room, and took my first shot at trying to create a dance. It isn't much to look at really, but to me it has meant everything. I have been able to dance out my emotions and just focus on how I can express them through my body-it's working.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We are young

Things that make me happy: 
  • Roommate bonding time- we hang out in the kitchen and eat way too much but it is really fun and I'm pretty sure I will look back and remember these girls forever. Slutty brownies and quesadillas (drenched in salsa of course) were on the menu tonight
  • Good conversations with random people
  • Having people over to do family search indexing- where other than BYU would it be fun and acceptable to invite guys over and index together. I really like it. I really just like the environment of BYU in general. We are all Mormon nerds and I love it. Currently we are sitting and talking about churchy things and I appreciate it. 
  • Finding cool names on indexing- a lot of them are very classy
  • Reading old journals and reading the quotes found in there. The one read today that I loved was "I'd rather fight with you than make love with anyone else". Cheesy goodness. 
  • Seeing other people be happy 
  • Talking in accents. My family is going to have to get used to me talking in a terrible one all summer
  • Thinking about how uncertain the future is but still being excited about it
  • Trying out new things- currently I am trying out swimming and being more social than normal
  • Romans 5:8 "You are loved more than you will ever know by someone who died to know you"
  • Hearing people's engagement stories 
  • My "Love Song" station on Pandora
  • A good dance partner for dancing the Waltz with in social dance class
  • Talking things out
  • Looking outside and seeing good weather
  • Waking up early, working out and hearing birds chirp
  • Getting an email from a missionary 
  • Knowing that in 6 days Kareen and her kids be here!! I finally get to show my family what life is like here and why I love it so much! And there will be kids in my apartment! That's the greatest thing :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's all going to work out

I have the best parents in the world. They calm me down and know just what to say.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love fest

This is what BYU looks like right about now...except for the short shorts, side burns and facial hair of course because that is against the honor code haha. But seriously, everyone and their dog is in a relationship and is not at all afraid of hiding it. Currently our little couch is being used as the couple couch. Not that I don't enjoy seeing my roommates cuddle and kiss while I'm trying to study, but really, I don't.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring is Coming!!

Yesterday I only had one class, and thankfully it was in the morning, so I had all day to get homework done! No surprise, I only got half of the homework done that I was hoping to but I did decorate and clean my apartment so I still feel like it was a productive day.
I only wish that I could take away one part of yesterday, and then I think it would have been really perfect. I've decided that expectations really just set you up for failure. I have been expecting too much from myself and others and it's bugged me more than I would like to admit. I don't want life to just happen, but I think I need to be more realistic.
Life is still good though and I have no real complaints.

"Isn't if funny how day by day nothing is different but when you look back, everything is different"- C.S.Lewis