Saturday, June 14, 2008

Twins, Mom and Messy Rooms

So this weekend I babysat these 6 year old twins while there mom was having a baby. I didn't care doing it for free..I understand completely, but I would have liked a thank you. And plus I was feeling really selfish and I wanted to have fun last night instead of watch the stupid Incredibles and listening to "Gina lets do this....lets do this...lets do this." I cant even tell them apart!! I really just realized how much more I like taking care of kids I really care my nieces and nephews...who are back in Seattle...which is very sad becuase I really like having them here. Even though sometimes I would get annoyed by the stupidest when I was trying to study for my math final, Abby kept telling me to come dance with her..and I really wanted to, I just got annoyed that things are so carefree for her..while I was studying. But I guess being a 4 year old would get boring after its good that we grow up. Anyways...onto Mom. She cracks me up. As I was cleaning out my room she would look at every piece of clothing that I put in the "give to goodwill" if I had made a mistake in putting it in there...but I know I will actually grow up to be like some ways. That leads me to my messy room. I have been cleaning it since 10 this morning...and Im only 1/2 done. I really dont want to do it anymore...which is why I am writing this. But its been a good weekend so far..I got to go to Silverwood randomly with a friend on Thu...scrap booked on Fri, and tonight Im gonna blade it up. and also only one more monday of school..and then SCHOOLS OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!!

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