Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not so good at Math

I was just studying for my math test tomorrow..when, for the one millionth time I realized that I really don't like math. Some people say that it is fun, like a puzzle or something, or they like it because there is only one answer. Well, who only wants to be able to have one answer be right?! That means if you don't get that one answer, you get it wrong, and your grade, like mine, is screwed! And also it takes forever to study for...and once I get to the test, my mind totally blanks, so its like I spent hours studying for nothing! But no that I am done venting about math, I will go study some more. And also, if I really wanted to do a puzzle, I wouldn't do math, I would actually do a puzzle. Who would have though.


Kareen Bailey said...

Hope your math test went well. I wasn't a big math fan in high school either and I was not in honors!

gina bolina said...

I took it today...and I am pretty sure i bombed it hard core.

Jill said...

math is not a good puzzle at all... i'm glad i don't have to do that anymore