Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Weekend

This weekend was great! It started out with decorating shirts for Battle Of the Bands. Macie, Kaitlyn, Lauren and I spent some time in Kaitlyns garage making nifty shirts supporting our friends band called "Rheem". The actual battle of the bands was with Mr. Southridge..and it was very fun. After the "concert/competition" me and the rest of the groupies (haha) went and had a mini bonfire. I would have to say that just making the shirts,dressing up crazy, and painting our legs was the best part. On Saturday I woke up to Hutnanies. Those things are delish. I made a schedule with the times I planned to complete each activity at...but Lo and Behold..I think I only got half of them done. I did get to run, and bike, and watch my little brothers baseball game though. I also made my friend Sharlee a UNICORN CROSSING street sign..with my moms help. It turned out great! At the party we did all the things that Unicorns do. We roller bladed all over town (3 miles covered prob) eat dessert/fruit pizza, and had a dance party in SPANDEX! It was a good night..even if I did get some MAJOR blisties...that I popped this morning. The water inside them squirted out quite nicely if I do say so myself. =](If you click on the can see it all blown up)
And this morning I went to church. I colored a page out of an Arthur coloring book. I know the whole Arthur theme song by the way...we sang it a few times while blading. =] Actual church was good. In Young Womens we had a lesson on missions. I had already seriously considered going on one...and now I want to even more. I think somewhere really pretty in the states would be Rhode Island or something. Now I have lots of homework to do, a violin performance to watch, and seminary gradeeation to go watch. Its been a very good weekend. =]

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Kareen Bailey said...

Oh to be 16! :) I'm glad you had a fun weekend - even if it did not include me! Thanks for helping me with my dreaded swimsuit shopping! :)