Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Lately my days have been mostly filled with hours of classes and studying in between.  I really do enjoy getting an education but sometimes I just get so sick of sitting on my booty for what seems like endless hours! I swear by the end of spring term I will have a pancake for a butt. My classes are interesting and I am learning a lot about earth, earths history, creativity, ancient civilizations, backpacking and Joseph Smith. I just wish more of this learning was hands on because I feel like I am going to forget half of the stuff I am reading.

I also kind of wish I could be better at achieving my goals. Things I need to do better on: reading the scriptures everyday, serving others and doing meaningful tasks during my free time instead of facebook. I guess it is ironic since I am writing on here during a little of my free time. I'll get back to my readings now I guess.

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