Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roller-coaster ride

I went on a roller coaster ride today! Not really, but pretty much- I think I felt almost every emotion possible today.
Woke up: good night sleep, feeling good and refrehed
Classes: Content, I really like the friends I have made in Physical science
Library: Sleepy..leading to a nice nap in the library
Chilling at home: Frustrated over inconsiderate people I thought wouldn't bother me and a falling through of plans. Rejection for being rejected. 
Run: I was slower than usual and I was kinda breaking down because I was stressed out and had that feeling (that Ive been getting a lot lately) that I am not doing enough with my life. But then I found a swing set and found that ten minutes swinging really cleared my head. I left feeling so much stronger and felt like I could tackle pretty much everything thrown at me
Home: Super happy because I got asked on a date for Saturday to watch rugby- cute boy plus rugby? yes please.
Phone call with mis amigos: Excitement because those plans that fell through...well they're happening! We're going to CALI this Wednesday!
Now it's time for my ultimate Frisbee game. If we win I will be able to add exhaustion and victory to my roller coaster today. If we lose, then I can add exhaustion an disappointment. Let's hope for the first huh?

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kenzie said...

you forgot pure rage.