Friday, November 5, 2010

Night of all Nights

I think I have to start this by thanking Kareen, Jill and Rachel for getting me hooked on So You Think You Can Dance.

Then I need to thank Holly for coming to watch the tour with me last night.

It was seriously the best show ever. Waiting for it to start was fun, counting down for the dancers to come out was a thrill, watching them come on stage for the first time made me scream so loud I felt like I was going to throw up, watching them dance blew my mind, and getting to take pictures with them afterwards was the topping of the cake.

Honestly, I think I may cry tonight at 7:30 because I really just want to be able to watch them again. Some bands have groupies, but I think SYTYCD needs some too and I would be more than willing to join in. Especially if I got a kiss from Robert and Kent everytime.

For reals though, it was such an amazing night that I will probably never forget!! Thanks for making it so much fun Holly!!

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