Sunday, October 17, 2010


Last year at this time I was dreaming about BYU and how amazing it would be to go there. Then a few months later I accepted the fact that I was going to BYUI..then surprise! I actually do geto to attend BYU. I didn't really know what to expect but everyone I ever talked to about college just said it was SOOO fun and amazing. I am begining to think those people were just trying to convince themselves that they really enjoy living hours away from their family. I do like BYU and it really is a dream come true to be here. I am loving my classes and I am having fun hanging out and doing things on the weekend but the people who mean the most to me are still hours away. On the bright side though...Brad and Holly and Eva are just about the best people here in Utah. I LOVE going to morning workouts with Holly and playing with Eva while we go shopping and just haning out with Brad. I am so so so thankful that they are here and are so willing to spend time with me.
I am also so thankful for telephones that allow me to stay in constant contact with my family back at home. I love getting phone calls from them. Also I got a letter from Adam the other day and it made me about the happiest I have been since I have been here at BYU just to hear his days adventures. I love and miss my family but I also am liking its all good. =]

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Brad & Holly said...

Gina! You finally put something on your blog! We were just talking about blogging, too. Anyway, I just wanted to say that having you here in UT has been a huge blessing in our lives! We love hanging out with you. It's definitely making things more fun around here. Even though you miss the fam at home, we are so glad we get you here. We love you! Pumpkin painting soon, yes?