Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Elderly

Today I was talking with my mom about my grandma and her recent trip to Utah to visit her sisters. Apparently they argued over little things like who had to sit in the middle seat of the car and one sister ended up saying, "I just have to get out of here, Fern hates me". As sad as that is, I kinda of got a laugh out of it.I mean, who argues over the middle seat when they are 90? haha. I just REALLY hope that when I am old I can be like this couple; off to the right; cute, stylish, and still in love. Or if my husband dies before me, at least be happy still. I am just going to die if I am one of the old, grouchy, no-fun-to-be-around kind of old people. Anyways, now I will just enjoy being young. I think I might go buy some things I need for college with my sister Kareen today. When me and all my sisters are old-we are going to be awesome. =]

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