Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's "Up Chuck?"

Bleh. So I am living at my sister Rachel's house for the summer. I love it because I have freedom and everything but I have no food. I have a really weird eating schedule and because there is usually such a long time in between when I eat I feel sick. For example, I went to a friends house for a party tonight and since I had just got off work I hadn't had dinner yet so I had smores for dinner. Bad choice because I might vomit right now. The only thing that sounds  consistently good is soda (diet doc pepper) because it's bubbly and makes my stomach feel so much better. I drank that after I worked out today because, like I said, its the only thing that sounds good. I felt like a fat lard though drinking pop right after a good workout. :) All I want is my old stomach back where I could eat tons and feel fine and some carrots because those sound really good right now.


kenzie said...

thanks for sharing

Taryn said...

hahahahahaha gina!! i love your random ramblings :)