Wednesday, August 31, 2011

P Party

I'm going to start out his blog post with my story of the three P's: Poop, Pee and Period. So during the summer I worked at Gold's Gym in the child care center. It was so fun because I worked with my cousin and some of the kids (Guel, Aranza, Broaden, Kayle, Kale and LeBre to be exact) were super cute and humored me by dancing with me during our dance off dance parties. However, on my last day of work this baby I was holding decided to take a big old dooce and, without me knowing, it exploded out of her diaper onto my arm!! When I handed her to another worker so I could start story time, I noticed a big, gray and yellow (seriously what was she eating) clump of poo. I ran to the bathroom, almost vomited and said ADIOS POOPY GOLDS GYM and biked home (I think I drove a car a total of 5 times this summer). So that was the first P.
Second, I was at Priest Lake in beautiful Idaho for my family vacation. It was going great up to this point. I had enjoyed lots of skiiing and tubing. But then, sitting around the camp table, a red liquidish thing lands on my arm. Thanks squirrel above me for deciding to have your period blood land on me. (for reals thanks though- if I ever play "I have" I guarantee no on else has had a squirrel period on them so I would win)
Third, I was taking family pictures and all of a sudden me and my (amazing) sister Rachel get peed on my a bird! It stunk soooooo bad!!! We put a smile on our face though, you can't tell we smell bad in the pictures I swear.

Fourth, Pictures!! (How hot is my mom, seriously)

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