Friday, April 1, 2011

Turn around and run away!

So yesterday during my stats test I drew these doodles whenever I needed a break from the test. (I re-drew them since we can't take our scratch paper out of the testing center). I started out so optimistic and nervous, then I bored, then I got concerned that all my studying was for nothing. I then took a little break to eat some Mentos. Those were good and the name made me think of  some good looking men so I got a little distracted for a little bit but then I went back to working on the test. And to top off a successful studying and testing day I played basketball with mis amigos. It is really a shame that this semester is ending..
....although that does mean that I will be able to wear my "immodest" clothing again. I swear sometimes it gets ridiculous. Like today I wore a tshirt that showed my upper arm...not even my shoulder and it was so immodest that I couldn't get my meal at the cannon center. Lame.
Okay, that is all. I'm now going to enjoy the sunshine. :)

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