Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just another day in paradise

As I was dancing to Zumba tonight I was thinking, "Hey, Zumba is really fun!" and, "I should be working on my essay or studying stats!!" (sidenote: I'm still thinking that as I write this..and I'm still not working on either one)
I figure when I get old and start reminiscing I will be happy to talk to my grand kids about how when I was "young and hip" I used to get down on the dance floor! I might also give them a preview of my booty shakes and pumps, just to gross them out (although I'm pretty sure if I saw my grandma dancing, I would probably die of laughter and then gain huge respect for her). It is in my blood to love dancing though..that same grandma I was just talking about used to dance in an old lady dance crew...sequin outfits, fringe, tights and all.
Preview: (not actually her, but she looked a lot like this)
 So maybe when I get to be this old (please let that come slowly!) I can change out my zumba dancing for some tap dancing. Although I don't (and no one take offense please) actually like tap dancing, I think it looks silly.
Anyways, that is about all. I am now going to actually start my essay and then study for statistics. :)

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