Thursday, February 17, 2011

A real name please!

So my name obviously is one of a kind and it gets made fun of a lot-I've been called va(GINA) Dickman, Dickerman, and just plain G Dick. I'm still waiting for people to realize that no matter what they call me, I've heard it a THOUSAND times before. However, I recently hit a new blow to my name while applying for a scholarship. When I entered my name it came up saying, "Hey now, how about a real first name?" I tried a few more times but apparently the computer has more common sense than my parents to know that the name Gina Dickman is embarrassing and so I proceeded to enter my sisters name instead. So even though marriage is not the first thing on my mind right now I really can't wait to ditch the combo of Gina Dickman and have something a little less embarrassing.

Besides my name being weird life is amazing right now! I am so incredibly blessed it is almost ridiculous. When I think about everything I have been given I feel guilty just because I know so many people out there have it so much worse than I do and do more with what they are given.

One last thing. All my guy friends are getting their mission calls. Since when did we all grow up?! I am so proud of them all though- I know they will all be amazing!


Rachel said...

not to be creepy or anything, but I just happened to find your blog! And I have to say I laughed so hard at that post, I love your name Gina Dickman!

Gina Dickman said...

I just saw your comment!! I didnt know you had a blog! I love reading blogs so now Im going to read yours! yea yea yea!! :)