Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

Last year was far this year has been great....Life is just great. The only thing not great is that school starts tomorrow..and that totally blows...mosquito eaters. ha. But this year..I will be done with my junior year, enjoy an awesome summer..maybe get a job..enjoy a track season..enjoy my last xc season..speak in stake my sister in law have a baby (girl??)..redo my room..finish my first year at CBC..turn 18..finish Personal Progress, go to EFY for the last time....and who knows..maybe play a grouling game of chess or something.ha (name that movie anyone?..even though pretty sure kareen is the only one who reads this little shin dig) Anyways..happy new years. im off to go to homework.

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Kareen Bailey said...

Oh, well if I'm your only person that will comment! You can still print it off and put it in your journal right! When you list everything like you did you realize how much your life will be changing in the next year or two! Have fun! Especially with the mosquito part! :)