Friday, January 23, 2009

Its all good!

I love life!!
Even though sometimes I get really stressed out with school and may seem like I don't like school, I do like learning, and much to my dismay, I do like school. It challenges me and keeps me growing instead of just sitting still. (Yes can say I told you so) Even my Government class..which is sometimes really hard to understand..I like because it is important stuff! Even math has gotten better....maybe because for the first time I am in a class that is at my level..and I do my homework..but whatev. And even though I totally sucked it up on my anatomy final..and only got a 3.66 for my SHS GPA (which I really hope won't kill my chances for BYU) I still like learning about the "amazing human body!" Anyways..time to jet.

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Kareen Bailey said...

Ha, Ha. You are like me! I'm glad you are enjoying school. Just don't learn too much more or you'll be way smarter than me!