Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am talking to Ken over email right now!! Im so happy!!! We just happened to get on at the same time!! Im so excited!!! I cant wait for the Christmas phone call! anyways..I have lots to do. For the first time this week I had some free time...I watched Parent Trap. I love that movie. I also downloaded my pictures from last months photo shoot with some friends. but ya.."heck to the is good" -Ken.


Kareen Bailey said...

Are you going to start saying that now? ;)Pretty picture. Your friends must be jeolous that you are by far the pretties one! Though, I do adore the dress the girl next to you is wearing.

gina bolina said...

who knows...its a pretty good saying. and thank you very much..but your right..her dress was the coolest..she had the coolest hippie dress too. i have lots of pics on my myspace of the photoshoot. but your at SYTYCD right now..and im jealous up the ying yang!!! have fun!