Saturday, April 28, 2012

Skinny Love

One of the best decisions I have made in the past few months was to take beginning jazz this past winter. I have always loved dancing, but I was always way too afraid that I would not be good enough to even try out a class. The class was so fun though and made me realize that it doesn't even really matter if I'm any good-I found out that dancing helps me sort through things better than anything else I have tried before. The past few days have sucked- all except for the hours that I have gotten the chance to go to my dance classes. I was bored the past two nights and could tell that I was getting down so I went to the RB, found an empty dance room, and took my first shot at trying to create a dance. It isn't much to look at really, but to me it has meant everything. I have been able to dance out my emotions and just focus on how I can express them through my body-it's working.

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