Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh I had the time of my life

So last night we had a ward rollerskating party. We seriously danced the entire time- I have never danced on roller skates so it was  new adventure. I loved every minute of those two hours. And the ten minute car ride after that when my roommates and I sang the song, "shots" in every version possible - opera, robot, tiger, and lots of other styles. I'm so glad that at BYU and in the ward I'm in- I've met some people awesome people. Also, we came back and played Wii just dance and while we were playing, a random person tossed a real life duck into our apartment. And then later, Carla accidentally sagged and ripped my yoga pants while we were dancing. It was a hilarious night.

Also, just for flashbacks sake of another really fun night years ago, I'm putting these pictures up here.

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