Monday, September 26, 2011


First, I just want to say that goodbyes are not fun! Not fun at all. Marcus (my most awesome cousin ever who I swear is my twin separated by a year) came to Utah to visit before he left on his mission. It was great hanging out with him and showing him around BYU campus and Provo, but now he's gone and I won't see him for two years. Boo.

I have been on a Pinterest craze lately! But I actually did some of the crafts I pinned so it was worth it! My apartment is actually decorated and has proof that girls live in it now!
I hate Wal-Mart. Sandra bought her bike there and I rode it home for her. Flat tire in less than 20 min. How about you sell a more shotty bike next time huh?! It was a funny time though. Just know that walking your bike is really embarrassing.

I love the church. Truest thing out there.

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