Sunday, July 3, 2011

Forever Young

So I was riding my bike home today (I ride my bike everywhere because I don't have a car) and as I passed my Papa (grandpa's) house I saw that he was out there on the porch taking a little nap. I decided to sit and talk with him for a while. Best decision of the day. That old man is amazing! We were talking just like I would talk to a friend. We talked about golfing, horse riding, scouting, school and our family. It was really cool to hear him say how much he loves my family and how proud of his son, my dad, he is. It was cool to talk to him about how it feels to grow old and see your kids have kids who have kids, to lose the freedom to drive, and energy. Thank goodness that I am still young! I think I will definitely need to hang out with him a lot more. He does only live down the street so it really won't be that hard.

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