Sunday, May 10, 2009

review of the past

So uhh..I decided to start up again..thanks to ken. (hi ken!) These following pics are of things that have happened lately. The car falling off the track is Adams car at his pine wood derby awhile thought it was so funny. She would die of laughter every time she showed someone it..Adam still had fun though. The one of Abby shows her sick skills. She is a monkey woman. She has climbed those things so many times..she is great at the monkey bars too...better than me cus those things hurt your hands! The basketball is from church was way fun this was mainly just people that are semi good at basketball coming to have a good time. it was a blast. and the last two are from favorite dress of all time pretty much. and prom was schwinnnng! =] but im going to go to bed now...i just got done taking a psychology test online for CBC..boring! Child psych last year was one million trillion times better. choa.

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