Thursday, November 6, 2008

United We Win

So I used to think that English was "my thing" and that it was the best subject ever...but now..I am in love with History! I have been studying from the civil wars to now this quarter..and it makes me appreciate veterans so much!! It is amazing how brave those soldiers in both WWI and WWII were. I mean, I was always thankful for them..but now that Ive learned more and watched some documentaries...I have gotten a better grasp at how they must have felt and what they were going up against. I just want to go up to every old man now and give them a hug and say thanks! It also makes me proud to live in the U.S. With the elections and the economy it kind of seems like America sucks..but if you think about it...even when we are at our worst...we still have it so much better than so many people..and even though I think McCain could do a better job than Obama...he is still our pres so we need to give him a chance. Anywhoo...Im off to do homework...And learn more about America. =]

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