Sunday, July 27, 2008

Priest Lake '08

I cant believe that another year of Priest Lake is over! When I think about seems like last years vaca was just a few months ago. This years was much better though!! The weather was much more enjoyable, and I got to go tubing everyday, and I went slalom skiing twice. I had a good week with my family. I needed it so much...I love hanging out with my friends..but a family week is nice. I got to catch up with my reading, and spend time with my adorable nieces and nephews. I also got to run in the beautiful mountains and go on a long walk with my sisters. Also celebrated my 17th birthday! The dutch oven fun fetti cake with fun fetti icing was very delish! Overall it was a great week!...Now time for the Trek..then Silverwood, then Jack Johnson!!...I love summer time.


Kareen Bailey said...

I wish we at Priest Lake right now! You need to come over! School is starting soon and I need to take advantage while I can!

gina bolina said...

it has been a whole month since priest lake..can you believe it!?